How to permanently disable or stop windows updates in Windows 10


Hey Geeks,

Windows 10 PC’s automatically checks for updates and installs any update. You can take control on it and schedule Windows 10 updates according to you but you cannot stop it.

This is a problem for those who don’t have enough data . And I have experienced lack of speed while browsing internet on my browser when updates are downloading. So what is the solution ?

Steps to Permanently Disable updates in Windows 10 Operating System :

Here are the steps which you can follow to disable the updates –

  •  Click on Start menu button or windows button in the Bottom left corner of your PC and search for “Run” (without double quotes) . You can do it by simply pressing “Windows Key + R” on your keyboard.

  • Now type ” services.msc ” (without double quotes) in the run command window.
  •  It will open a window like the below image. These all are the processes or services that are running in Windows OS.
  • Now the next thing we have to do is search for a service named as ” Windows Update “. You can scroll down as services are displayed in an alphabetical order.
  • Now, right click on that service and select Properties.
  • When you select Properties, another window will appear on the screen.
  • Here as you can see the Startup Type is “Automatic” and Service Status is “Running“.
  • Now click  Startup Type – Automatic, A drop down menu will appear showing some more statuses. 
  • Now since we have to Disable this, Select “Disable” from the drop down menu.
  • Down below the Startup type there is Service Status which should be Running. Below that there is a “Stop” button click on it.
  • Now another dialog box will appear which will stop the service which is currently running.
  • Now everything is done click on Apply and then click on Ok.
  • And Thats it 😊. You have successfully Disabled the updates on your Windows 10 PC.

Note: There are many other methods to disable updates but this is the most effective and successful method.

Hope you guys will love this and please do comment if you have any question regarding this post.

Thanks 🙂


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